This series of pendant lights is Inspired by the iconic cork hats that, for better or worse, are linked to Australiana.

Corker playfully mocks this cultural iconography in a modern design context.

Australian designed and made, each piece is hand turned by local craftsmen in Sydney from agglomerated cork.

Cork is a hardy yet renewable, bio-degradableand recyclable resource.
Furthermore Corker has been designed for disassembly, ensuring parts end up reclaimed, recycled or disposed of appropriately.

Quality future friendly materials and processes ensures Corker will be around for future generations to enjoy.





Here is the classic quintessential Corker, a fun yet functional pendant light that’s bound to start a conversation.

Skinny Pivot

Here is the skinny pivot Corker, it’s just like classic quintessential Corker, but  pivoted to become a functional spotlight.


Here is the Rotund pivot Corker, it’s short and stocky with a dished bowl.

Rotund Pivot

Here is the Rotund pivot Corker, it’s also short and stocky with a dished bowl, but  pivoted to become a functional spotlight .



Materials & Finish


Light Source









Right: Hand turned cork, cork available in partial painted colours on request.

Yoke: Powdercoated mild steel wire.

 240V, Max 10 Watt LED/CFL, E27 standard globe.

 Light globes are not included, can be ordered via Max Harper at additional cost.

 Dimmable with appropriate globe and dimmer.

 2000mm black braided flex. Colours and custom lengths available on request.

 Black single canopies 50×25 are included. Cluster canopies available on request.

 Must be installed by a licensed electrician.